Friday, November 5, 2021: When you think of the sport of MuayThai, the name Lumpinee is synonymous with the rich history of crowning the best of the best of elite stadium champions throughout the past decades of the sport.

The stadium has a new home, well since 2014, in north Bangkok, a venue which will be turned into a hub of MuayThai excellence in the coming months and years with the gradual reopening of the kingdom of Thailand after the Covid-19 pandemic.
Lt.Gen.Suchart Dangprapai, the current Director of Lumpinee Stadium, is a man on a mission to return the iconic arena to its former glory with the added spice of turning Lumpinee into a center of excellence for fighting, training ring officials, and incorporating the more added value of MuayThai culture.

As part of that vision, Lt.Gen Dangprapai and the team at Lumpinee have joined with the WBC MuayThai to look at ways to develop the arena and its immediate surroundings into an international hub for all things MuayThai.

WBC MuayThai President Police General Kovid Bhakdibhumi stated that it gave him great pride to join into a partnership with Lumpinee Stadium with a clear vision to offer a sustainable path away of growth and further development of the sport at Lumpinee Stadium MuayThai complex.
The programs and action plans will be announced in the coming months, with daily work being undertaken to formulate and prepare for the large-scale reopening of Thailand; welcome back the army of MuayThai fans, fighters, trainers, and ring officials to Lumpinee Stadium, the hub of MuayThai sport and culture, and to also open up the arena to International MuayThai promotions.

Maj.Gen.Ronawud Ruengsawat, Deputy Director of Lumpinee Stadium, and Colonel Thanapol Bhakdibhumi, WBC MuayThai Executive Secretary, were both equally as ambitious with the prospect of this collaboration bringing success to all key stakeholders involved in enhancing the outlook for Thailand’s national sport.